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It is absolute that Akihabara is the largest town collecting all kinds of electronic appliances and devices in the world. The products at the very top of technology are always abundantly available here.
In Akihabara, there are quite a lot of staff members who master 20 languages of the world. Communication here can be going on smoothly without any problems. Customers can easily purchase the overseas model products.
About Akihabara Tourism Promotion Board
An organization that is carrying on all kinds of effort in order to make tourists, not only Japanese but also the foreigners, do shopping with security and comfort.




【初出店!】「PCN フラッグシップ秋葉原 BY ASSEMBLAGE」4 月1日新装開店!
 WEB でしか買えなかった限定商品の販売、その場ではんだ付けが行える工作スペースも

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【Junk Market in Akihabara Radio Center】
It is held until Nov. 30


【Junk Market in Akihabara Radio Center】
It is held until March 20

Our aim is to “Safe & Clean” Akihabara for everyone.Please make sure you follow the local safety regulations such as:

  • Smoking on the street in Akihabara area is prohibited. Please find designated smoking area if you smoke.
  • Please do not donate any money to any individual donation collector of any type.


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Member's Shops
(Japanese Only)

We look forward to your visit

Tax-Free Shops

Overseas use, Souvenirs and many items available.



Access to Akihabara.

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